A Caribbean Writer

Is your life dull? Do you sometimes feel as though you are going through the motions of your daily job, getting nowhere in particular, and not fulfilling any purpose? If so, you may very well find solace and entertainment in novels and movies set in the Caribbean and written by a Caribbean author. 

If you have never been to the Caribbean, then you have likely never experienced the culture that exists there. It is essentially the opposite of the typical American culture of work: leisure is valued, and work is only as needed to provide the bare essentials. A Caribbean writer will feature this culture in his or her stories, providing an excellent escape for the overstressed mainlander. Every work is a virtual vacation, transforming you with vivid language down where the balmy breezes blow and no one is tense.

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Caribbean Novels

The Caribbean Screenwriter

If you are an industry professional looking for your next big movie, you should strongly consider something set in the Caribbean and created by a Caribbean screenwriter. Almost every writer who sets stories in the Caribbean actually lives in the Caribbean, meaning that you already have an on-set contact who has scouted locations. It is not uncommon for scripts from a Caribbean writer to have locations recommended with the script, with references for more information if desired.

Caribbean Author

Whether you choose a screenplay or a novel, the Caribbean is one of the best settings a story can enjoy. Even without any action, the islands themselves are epic and beautiful: adding the characters and the vibrant plot is just extra beauty on an already glorious scene.

A Caribbean screenwriter can bring this to life, illustrating it before your very eyes and soothing away your stress in the process. You may even be surprised to emerge from the world of the story and find yourself still in your own hemisphere instead of on the islands, floating gently on the boat that the Caribbean author was just describing. Every novel and every screenplay is like a small slice of that island paradise.

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