Caribbean Novels: Welcome to Lagoonieville

The easy life: a boat, an ocean, a cold beer, and not a care in the world. That life is epitomized by the Lagoonies, a group given voice and presented outside the islands of the Caribbean by Bert Emrick. In his Caribbean book series, he recounts the exciting things that interrupt the tranquility of the Lagoonies, examining their daring exploits and, eventually, their return to normal Lagoonie life on the edge of the ocean.

But it is what happens in between that has readers transfixed. In the five Lagoonie Caribbean novels currently in print, Emrick has sent his Lagoonies far from the Caribbean, but kept their very island sensibilities. The current Lagoonie books are:

With the arrival of Snakes in Eden, half of the Lagoonie series will have been released. Although Mr. Emrick has stated that only 12 books will be released as part of the series, fans are already hoping for an extension.

Lagoonieville Caribbean Book Series

You may wonder what kinds of trouble can find the Lagoonies who live so calmly throughout the Caribbean. In the first book, Lagoonieville, Mr. Emrick inspires the Lagoonies with an interesting idea: the hunt for treasure. They strive to protect it, encountering evil on the way, but ultimately emerging in triumph.

This Caribbean book series also features uniquely Caribbean weather: the Lagoonies at one point find themselves the target of a nasty hurricane, leading them into a race against time to find their treasure quickly before it is lost forever.

But for the Lagoonies, finding the treasure is only half the battle. These Caribbean novels keep the suspense coming, serving up new experiences for the Lagoonies that most readers sitting at home can barely dream of having themselves.

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