Stories of the Caribbean

From the moment when a child first understands the word "pirate," he or she is almost invariably attracted to the notion of the Caribbean. This fascination continues throughout early life, eventually maturing into a love of the islands that is more acceptable in adults. But sadly, few people who truly love the Caribbean islands can find the right Caribbean fiction to tap into that love and bring a smile to their face.

Why is there such a dearth of Caribbean writing? It is difficult to pinpoint. Most likely, the residents are simply too busy enjoying themselves to have time for something such as writing. The atmosphere in the Caribbean is amazing, relaxing, and naturally happy.

The stories of the Caribbean can't help but reflect that attitude. Almost every Caribbean author has a deep connection to the islands, either by birth or by long residence. They don't just guess about island culture, but rather call upon their own experiences to inform the works that they create. Add to this exciting mix a dash of adventure and season liberally with dramatic tension, and you have the excellent works that come out of the Caribbean.

Scant Caribbean Fiction?

But despite the depth of feeling that always seems to go into Caribbean books, it can still be difficult to locate them. Thankfully, major retailers such as Barnes & Noble and are beginning to see the value and entertainment in stories of the Caribbean, and they now carry several notable Caribbean writers.

In order to find Caribbean stories, you need to search very carefully on those two sites. There are authors who offer Caribbean fiction, but they can be somewhat hard to find amidst the other information. Attempt to connect with other Caribbean lovers and discover new works together: new authors are emerging almost daily.

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