Bert Emrick, Caribbean Writer

Bert Emrick is a man with vision. When he looks at the beautiful Caribbean setting around his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he doesn't just enjoy the view himself: he is inspired by it to bring stories alive that delight residents back in the States, and around the world.

His vivid characters perfectly epitomize what it is to live on the islands, relaxed and perfectly bohemian. The original screenplays he creates are known for tight action sequences and intriguing characters that make viewers want more. In addition, his stories translate beautifully on screen. With the beautiful islands of the Caribbean as a backdrop, his dramatic tales of adventure and danger take on a different dimension.

But Lagoonieville is perhaps at its best when described simply by Emrick, a Caribbean writer with a flair for words. He weaves images with startling clarity, helping even the coldest Eskimo see the Caribbean as clearly as though he had left the north and was sitting by the sea in a deck chair, relaxing and enjoying the balmy breezes.

Original Screenplays

However, Mr. Emrick is also comfortable when moving out of purely Caribbean fiction. When action moves from the Caribbean to the mainland, as it does in some of his screenplays, he retains his sharp dialogue and descriptions, keeping viewers (and readers) in the middle of the action. There are twists; there is the unexpected, and occasionally the unlikely and very lucky. Everything will keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

At the moment, Mr. Emrick is at work on the latest installment of the Lagoonieville books. These books chronicle the adventures of different Lagoonies, sailors in the tropics with a bohemian, carefree lifestyle. However, they seem inclined to get into some tight spots, both in the original screenplays and in the novel series. Mr. Emrick is an excellent suspense writer, but he knows when to add a touch of comic relief. His work will have you laughing, crying, and even weighing some deep life questions.

The Lagoonieville series by Caribbean writer Bert Emrick is available through online retailers like Barnes and Noble and Enter Lagoonieville - there's always a place for you.

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