Adventures in the LagOOnieville State of Mind



The novels feature a carousal of characters, people from all walks of life who gave up financial security for freedom to sail the Caribbean, where they find treasures or troubles that include murderous criminals, smugglers, pirates, volcanoes, super hurricanes, black-magic priests, serious nut cases, ghosts, and angels.  




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LagOOnieville 1- LagOOnieville

ISBN 0977086909     action/adventure

Carefree Caribbean sailors (Lagoonies) race a monster hurricane and hardened criminals to a treasure lost for four centuries.




LagOOnieville 5 - A Smuggler's Story

ISBN 0977086941    crime / adventure

A Lagoonie, secretly a honcho in the world's largest smuggling cartel, escapes from the cartel to enjoy the Lagoonie lifestyle until the Colombians learn of the family he never new existed. They kidnap his only child. The ransom is his life. 





LagOOnieville 2 - Colombian Secrets

ISBN 0977086917    action/adventure

Lagoonies dodge leftist guerrillas, corrupt politicians, the French mafia, and lava flows to unearth a fantastic Incan treasure.


LagOOnieville 4 - Marooned on Spook Island

ISBN 0977086933    horror

Colorful characters stranded on a haunted island struggle to survive an evil demon.





















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Lagoonieville 6 Snakes in Eden






































































LagOOnieville 6 - Snakes in Eden


The Bolivian voodoo gang use their magic to control roving killers to create fear and hate between all people in the Caribbean. Their plan succeeds until a Type-A Lagoonie, an introverted Interpol agent, and a mysterious old man intervene.    

Lagoonieville 7 - Colombian Payback


A Lagoonie thought killed in #5, A Smugglers Story, regains his memory and teams up with the motley crew in #3, P,S,&V.M. to find his family held captive by the surviving cartel members.

Lagoonieville 8 - Scumbags and a Scallywag


Lagoonieville is overrun with killers from Colombia and Syria to find the troublesome CIA operative in #6..

Lagoonieville 9 - Between Evils


Maloney's motley crew has expanded and make war on the scary Bolivian Voodoo Meanies and get right with the U.S. government, or die trying. No Quarter Asked.

Lagoonieville 10 The Pirate


The life and times of a solo pirate as he ads more loot to the family's 500 year old treasure cave.

Lagoonieville 11 - The Hero


Hollywood searches to find the most courageous and unsung man in the Vietnam War. The obscure man became lost to those who wanted to honor him after the war. Forty years later an movie producer sends his minions out to find him. He must be celebrated by a move made about his daring feats. Their trail leads to Lagoonieville.

Lagoonieville 12 - King Me, Peon You, HA,HA,HA


With the creep of civilization, the Lagoonies pool their ill-gotten gains to buy an island and form their own government. One drawback: No one wants to rule.


LagOOnieville 3 - Pirates, Smugglers &Voodoo Meanies

ISBN 0977086925    action / crime / adventure

A betrayed undercover lawman, his wife, and a few zany friends duck and weave across the Caribbean to hide from a crooked DEA director and his voodoo partners, who seek to control the drug smuggling trade in the Americas.

ISBN 0977086933

















Tha-- Tha-- Tha-- That's all folks!

But for novels from B.R. Emrick with a different flavor:

THE SECRET OF TIMELESS MEN    Release date: July 2009

ROAD TO PANGAEA    Release date: Spring 2010

SIDNEY X    Release date: Fall 2010

coming to a bookstore near you -- someday

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