This section is intended to show producers, publishers, agents, and talent, the broad scope of entertainment and adventure projects featuring the beauty and mystique of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Spec Scripts

Proj.# - Title - Genre - Logline --- Click on titles for comments & pitch

49- Pirate's Gold - action/adventure: A map to a centuries-old treasure is found by two penniless but carefree sailors. The only thing between them and great wealth is a super hurricane, bloodthirsty smugglers, and the angry French Mafia.

22- Coconuts - comedy: A con-man escapes from an asylum and is on the run from two wacky shrinks and a Colombian hit man when he finds love in a rich and ditsy family. He must choose between love or money.  

20 - Timeless - thriller/sci-fi: A peaceful woman who is a part-time P.I. and a bit-part actress falls in love with the perfect man -- until she learns her lover's twin brother is a centuries-old master criminal who hates Homo sapiens for killing his H. xaaya species since the beginning of time.

30- Bagatelle Island - thriller: An aging CIA agent retires on a small tropical island only to find an anti-American Hamas cell, a murdering drug smuggler, and a psychotic lover share his tiny slice of paradise. 

18- Witches of the Lagoon - horror:: A demented witch kills her mother to gain the power needed to become the witch queen. The only things standing in her way is her ruthless aunt and an unknown source of superior magic.


21- Voodoo Island - horror: Passengers and a zany charter crew become marooned on a island haunted by a demented spirit. Unknowingly to them, an overly zealous film producer with a big bag of dirty tricks is also hiding on the island to do a reality movie. 

31- Don't Make Me Come Down There - drama: A beach bum writer on a mission to ridicule God and religious beliefs, meets God on the beach and gets 24 hours to see if he can do any better.  

27- Deception - thriller: Scientists, politicians, and mercenaries, each with their own backstabbing plans, skyjack an experimental terrorists-proof and stealth airplane with 500 celebrities aboard.

35-Sons of Sidney X - action/adventure:    A lone pirate follows a tradition established over 500 years earlier by Sidney the First, a solo pirate that brought fear to sailors in all seas. Modern-day, Sidney, the twenty-third consecutive  solo pirate, makes the Caribbean his home, and takes time off his raiding and plundering to train the next Sidney, his six year old son, begat by a two-dollar whore.

17 - W.A.R. - action/adventure: When a deadly plague is unleashed upon America, two war-weathered veterans stand against a multi-nation terrorist organization that threatens to destroy their country. 

tTha . . . tha . . . tha . . . that's not all, folks!

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