Stories of the Caribbean

When you consider Caribbean writing, there is a large bias toward action/adventure writing. Although the islands themselves are completely tranquil, the writers' minds naturally place the same people they greet every morning by the seashore into another, much more dangerous environment. The resulting stories of the Caribbean are then written down and created as a book. Of course, the good usually triumph, and return to lounge by the seashore another day.

These stories from the Caribbean are an incredible opportunity for intelligent escapism. But how can you know which you want to carry in your store? Here are some important steps you should take to determine what types of Caribbean fiction you might want to consider:

Once you know all of this information, finding the perfect author becomes easier.

Stories from the Caribbean

The best way to get in contact with a Caribbean author is through email and the internet. Many of them live on boats or spend a large amount of their time on boats, doing research for their next novel. For that reason, trying to reach them via traditional postal mail can be a difficult thing to do. Most writers will answer emails promptly.

Explore the websites of some of the writers. The best writers will offer synopses of their books, allowing you to get a feel for what their style is. Of course, you won't know for sure until you get a copy of one of their stories from the Caribbean. Only after you read their writing can you be certain about the depth of your customers' reaction: they will be pleased to have a Caribbean element - that much is clear. The question is how pleased they will be, and the answer depends on the writer you pick.

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